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About the Project

The Free & Equal project was the product of a collaboration between leading scholars, educators & designers.

About the Project 

Free & Equal: The Promise of Reconstruction in America is an online educational project and mobile app. It tells the story of the Rehearsal for Reconstruction, a largely forgotten place and time in history that played a critical role in defining freedom and equality for African Americans during and after the Civil War.


Project Credits

Free & Equal was envisioned by a team of dedicated historians, interpreters and community stakeholders. The National Endowment for the Humanities grant was administered by the Center for Innovation & Inclusion in Higher Education at the University of South Carolina College of Education.


Project Team

Free & Equal was designed, developed and produced by Night Kitchen Interactive.

Explore section scriptwriting by Jennifer Moses, PhD.

Original Illustrated Artwork by Eric Battle.


Project Advisors

Dr. Gregory Downs

Dr. Eric Foner

Dr. Kate Masur

Dr. Melissa N. Stuckey

Dr. Tara Y. White


Additional Advisors

Dr. Daisy Martin

Dr. J. Brent Morris

Dr. Lawrence S. Rowland

Dr. Stephen R. Wise